UK mail, message and package forwarding

Do you need an office postal address, telephone or fax number in England? Do you want your letters, packages, phone messages and faxes forward on to another address inside or outside the EU?

We can help.

For a low fee we make available to you our address in England, and we will receive post, packages, courier deliveries, phone messages, faxes and even emails on your behalf.

We will forward your letters and packages unopened to your address, daily or weekly depending upon your requirements. Phone messages, faxes and emails can either be faxed or emailed to you – we able to provide a service that meets your individual requirements.

Our charges are simple

We charge an annual fee of £150 to use our services, which includes £50’s worth of forwarding. When you have used this £50 up we will invoice you for future forwarding costs. We will keep track of your forwarding costs and keep you appraised of your balance at frequent intervals.

For letters and packages, we charge £1 plus double the actual cost of postage of the item for forwarding. This covers the cost of postage, envelopes and handling charges. All phone messages are passed on to you at a cost of £1 each. All faxes are forwarded on to you at a cost of £2 per page. They can be forwarded to you by fax or email.

We will treat all of your correspondence and packages with the utmost confidentiality – we understand the need for discreteness in business.

To sign up for our service or if you have any queries, please contact Ray Fox.